How does it work? How can I get started?

 Simple & clear visual explanation for your better understanding

Don’t worry if not everything is clear after your first read.
We did a short guide to help you have a better understanding of how the Online Editor works!

1. Setting up your new site

Purchase the yearly licence for the online helmet designer

Visit “Pricing” page and click “Buy licence now” button. Move on after you’ve purchased your Licence for the OHD.

choose a name for your new website

Then think of a new name for your website. Like or anything you would like.

We register your choosen site name and buy hosting

Your site name will be secured for 1 year. Hosting will provide storage for the files on your new site, also for 1 year.

Once your site has a name and hosting, we’ll install the OHD Licence and set up the 4 pages on your site (Home, How it works – guide for your clients, Editor and Contact page).

2. Setting up your Basic Database

Your site is live now with an active Licence, but doesn’t have a database. So let’s set it up!

Pick your subscribtion plan from the "Pricing" page

We offer 3 / 6 / 12 months subscribtion plan that provides the database on your site for 3 / 6 / 12 months time. Go and pick one – surely 12 months are the best option.


Once done, basic database is installed with 20 templates

We then set up the 20 helmet design templates on your website (on Database page). We’re nearly done!

make a decision about client access = membership fee

Can your client access the Basic Database for free? Or do you want to set a fee for access? If so, decide expiration time (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months etc.)

Your site is ready to welcome your new clients! Share the link of your new,  just set up site with the Basic Database and let them browse & customise design templates and have fun!

3. Setting up your Premium Database

Your site is live now with an active Licence and a Basic Database. How about adding exclusive designs (=Premium Database) that is ONLY available for YOUR CLIENTS to access, edit and get painted?

how to get design templates into your premium database?

We do offer the option to buy new templates from us. Our design team is specialised to helmet designs and ready to do templates for YOUR site.


How many designs?

New templates can be purchased in packages: 10 / 20 / 30 templates are in one package. Please check “Pricing” page for the detailed prices for each packages.

premium membership plan

It’s up to you once again to decide about offering access to your clients to Premium Database for free or for a fee. Make a decision about fee and expiration.

Hopefully it’s getting clear and you got the main points. Now let’s see how does it work from your clients’ side!