Custom helmet designing

If you have’nt found a template on the site that you like, or you want a new design from sketch only for yourself, than this page is for you.

Please use this interactive custom helmet designing form below and send us your details. We’ll be back soon!


Please answer some questions so we can get started!



Thank you, we will contact you soon !

Step 1: Chosing base helmet for the design

Please pick the helmet to be used as a base for your design.

As a starting point, we've picked top 3 brand's most popular models. Please pick the one closest in shape to your desired base helmet.

Please note: it is not an issue for our painter artists to adapt the design to any other models.

Can be easily adapted to models like CK6, CK6, GP6-S, GP6-PED, GP6-RC etc.

Can be easily adapted to models like KC7-CMR, RS7, RS7-K, GP3, SPORT5, HP5 etc.

STILO helmet

Can be easily adapted to models like ST5 CMR, ST5 F, ST5 FN, ST5 Zero, ST5 GT etc.

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Pick your desired style

Now it's time to choose the style of your custom helmet artwork!

clean retro helmet design

Clean lines, simple, retro-like design

Price: 69 EUR
modern helmet design

Modern helmet artwork available in 3 levels of complexity.

Price: 79-119 EUR
artistic helmet design

Artistic-curved design.

Price: 89 EUR
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How complex is the design you would like?

modern-simple helmet design
Simple modern design with maximum 4 colors and clean lines.
Price: 79 EUR
modern-mid-complex-helmet design
Mid-complex modern design with maximum 5 colors and mid-complex lines.
Price: 99 EUR
Max-complex modern design with maximum 6 colors and complex lines.
Price: 119 EUR
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Do you want a "gloria" around your helmet?

Example: white gloria with "vodafone" sponsor text on Button's Mclaren helmet:

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Designing price contains:

  • - drawing of 1 artwork in side view
  • - 2 color variations based on your requested colors
  • - based on your feedback up to 3 line and color changes.

Requesting a completely new design is 80% of the original price.

And we have some extras...

Price: 69 EUR

Price: 89 EUR

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Please specify desired colors

Based on your chosen design style and complexity, please specify the colors. You can also set one-two of them to be the main colors.
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Final step

The final estimated price is :

Cool! Now we know everything and ready to get going with your custom helmet artwork! If you are ready, please go ahead and send your order request to us! We'll be in touch shortly to summarize your requirements and send final price.

You will be able to confirm and pay by Credit Card on this site. We'll draw your design in 3 days time. In case you've requested extras, that takes another 2-3 days to draw.

Can't wait to work with you!

Do you have anything else to add? Please feel free to describe your ideas, requests! More details the better!


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Total :
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