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Arai GP-6S helmet

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is the successor of the much loved GP-5K model comes with Snell and FIA 8859-2015 approvals. Using the same shell shape as the GP-6 and GP-6RC, the GP-6S offers an affordable price level while still maintaining a host of features and innovations. The GP-6S utilizes the same shield as the GP-6 as well as the same larger eye port size for increased peripheral vision.

The GP-6S utilizes a single intake and single exhaust and the forward vent has been enlarged to improve air intake and improve overall ventilation performance.The CLC outer shell uses much of the GP-6 RC technology and styling. Improved ventilation thanks to larger duct ventilation holes. Fire resistant lining made of three materials: Carbon Nit ®, Nomex® and Conex® fabrics. Yellow Kevlar® chin strap. Comes with FHR M6 studs.

SIZES AVAILABLE: XS/54, S/56, M/58, L/60, XL/62

PRICING: depending on choosen design £1,275 – £1,715+shipping – see below


Positive latch mechanism provides Solid shield latching, while allowing normal operation of the shield. Designed to be an integral component of the shield system and function, not just an add-on afterthought. The simplicity of the function masks the complexity of the design.


New shield pivot hardware, with redesigned track slider that improves aerodynamics. New wider 6 series shield & eye port, for increased peripheral field of view when compared to the previous 5 series. Shield, pivot hardware and wider eye port were developed on the RC and adapted to the GP-6S.


Wider eye port for increased peripheral field of view, when compared to the previous 5 series.


Large, closeable, intake vent combined with a larger 10mm hole greatly increases air intake. Larger 10mm rear vent hole further increases airflow.


Integrated seats to accommodate a variety of Head and Neck Restraint devices. Pre-Installed M6 threaded washer/nut, with 6mm threads, to accept a variety of anchors systems for variety of Head and Neck Restraint devices and make installation much easier for people not familiar with such installations. Flat surface area around the mounting nut to allow the anchor post base to rest flush with the helmet surface around the entire perimeter of the anchor base. FIA-8859-2015 certification sticker applied to the interior liner material.


Newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along lower edge of shell to improve structural integrity. Provides a stronger shell near the opening where it is needed as well as lowers the Center of Gravity. Rise in shell above the shoulders for added clearance.


Pre-cut pocket, under crown pad, can be easily removed to accomodate optional E-Ject(R) system.

Available design templates for the
Arai GP-6S helmet

Prices include:



Brand new ARAI GP-6S in your choosen size: from XS to XL.



Your choosen design painted on your brand new helmet by a professional UK based artist.

GP-6S with Design No. 01
£1,559 – £1,685

GP-6S with Design No. 02
£1,489 – £1,628

GP-6S with Design No. 03
£1,459 – £1,585

GP-6S with Design No. 04
£1,545 -£1,678

GP-6S with Design No. 05
£1,739 – £1,852

GP-6S with Design No. 06
£1,444 – £1,544 

GP-6S with Design No. 07
£1,419 – £1,545

GP-6S with Design No. 08
£1,479 – £1,605

GP-6S with Design No. 09
£1,559 – £1,685

GP-6S with Design No. 10
£1,389 – £1,522

GP-6S with Design No. 11
£1,479 – £1,618

GP-6S with Design No. 12
£1,479 – £1,612

GP-6S with Design No. 13
£1,579 – £1,705

GP-6S with Design No. 14
£1,339 – £1,459

GP-6S with Design No. 15
£1,579 – £1,699

GP-6S with Design No. 16
£1,555 – £1,694

GP-6S with Design No. 17
£1,339 – £1,459

GP-6S with Design No. 18
£1,529 – £1,655

GP-6S with Design No. 19
£1,579 – £1,718

GP-6S with Design No. 20
£1,489 – £1,615

GP-6S with Design No. 21
£1,529 – £1,662

GP-6S with Design No. 22
£1,275 – £1,395

GP-6S with Design No. 23
£1,529 – £1,662

GP-6S with Design No. 24
£1,715 – £1,835

GP-6S with Design No. 25
£1,715 – £1,835

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