Online Vehicle Livery Designer

What’s included in Basic Database?


4 vehicle models (you choose which 4)


5 editable design templates for each models


At least 3 editable sections for each templates


11 colours for each section


2D, side view

You set prices for each design template


Restricted access: you can decide if your clients can access this database for free or you set a fee for it = membership plan that will optionally expire in 1-2-3 week(s)/month(s) time (as you wish)

Fee collected by membership plan purchases on the site is 100% yours, no commission fee


Your clients can access, edit liveries, but can not „buy them out” from the database as it is a shared database by every wrappers/painters who also subscribe (same basic database is installed on sites)

Your clients can order the wrapping of selected & customised livery on the site – then you receive email notification with an image of the customised design

Payment collection on your site: you can decide to collect or not to collect payment on your site. If you want to collect, PayPal and/or Wire Transfer can be set as payment processor. If (Payment directly to your PP account, we're not involved, no commision, invoicing is in your hands as well)

Preview of a Corvette, 2D side view

Preview of a Corvette, 2D side view with a template: 3 editable sections (blue-red-black)

Preview of a Corvette, 2D side view with a template: 4 editable sections (blue-red-black-white lines) and shadow effects (can be turned on and off).

What’s included in Premium Database?

Everything included in Basic Database plus:



Exclusive design templates made only for you & your site


Restricted access: new database - new membership plan (if you wish to set and collect extra fee for accessing Premium Database)

Buy out option for your clients: you can set a fee for your clients to buy a specific design, so it is removed from the database and other clients could not see & edit it = 100% unique design, exclusivity guaranteed

You can keep 100% of the income made by selling Premium Membership plan (if you decide to ask a fee for it)

You can keep income from offering the Buy out option - no commission fee

Order process is the same - you can decide which one to offer: no payment collected through site, PayPal and/or Wire Transfer based




Once you obtain a yearly Licence, pick a plan
that works for you

We value your loyalty: subscribe to 6 months with 30% discount, for 12 months with 40% discount!


We offer 3 extra modules to expand your site




Your client will pay $88 + VAT to you for the 3D designing & fine tuning service


You can keep the VAT and also 20% of the rest


You are required to transfer the remaining 80% to us - before we get gtoing with the 3D visualisation




You can order exlcusive designs in packages: 10-20-30 designs included in one package.


10 designs pacakge: Includes 10 templates, designed ONLY for you, from scratch. Delivery time: 10 days. Price: $319


20 designs pacakge: Includes 20 templates, designed ONLY for you, from scratch. Delivery time: 20 days. Price: $638


30 designs package: Includes 30 templates, designed ONLY for you, from scratch. Delivery time: 25 days. Price: $861 (10% off)




$119 including template + customisation + uploading to your site

What you get by enrolling?

Let’s see 3 reasons to join today!

Save time

Let your clients design their own vehicles, and save valuable time! Spend on wrapping or simply have more free time!

More income

You’ll not just save time, but have a bigger income! Set a fee for the Online Editor, earn money without lifting a finger!

Happy clients

Clients love to see more designs & more colour variations. Why don’t you give them the option to have fun and play around with the editor?


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pre-pay 3 / 6 / 12 months?

Yes, you can choose to subscribe for 3 or 6 or 12 months time. 3 Months Plan is usually for testing the service, then it’s wise to pick 6 or 12 months plan as we value your loyalty and offer discounts.

Can I reopen my site / database?

Until you have an active Licence, you have the option to buy a new Subscribtion Plan and reactivate your site with the database (and with any possible exclusive designs as well).

How can my clients order wrapping for a design they've customised on the site?

Your clients will be able to add their choosen, customised design to cart – and do the usual Checkout process with or without payment (based on your choice). They will be able to pick PayPal and/or Wire Transfer payment options (directly to your accounts) – if you decide to collect pamynets. You will receive a notification email with the customised livery image.

Is there an automatic renewal or can I cancel at any time?

Great question! There is NO automatic renewal. Your subscribtion will automatically end in 3 / 6 / 12 months time and you’ll need to manually buy another cycle (3 / 6 / 12 months) if you wish to continue using the Editor and the database on your site.

What happens with site & content if I do not renew?

If you do not renew your expiring Subscribtion plan, your site will be deactivated. What does it mean? It means that a Message will appear on your main page that this site is “Under construction”.

Can I upgeade from 3 to 6/12, or 6 to 12 months plan?

You will need to wait until your current subscribtion plan runs out. Then you will be able to choose another plan – possibly with discounts.

Can I set my own wrapping prices for each design template?

Of course you can! Once your site has the Licence for the OHD, we’ll ask you to go through the 20 designs and set your prices for each model / template / colour. We’ll then upload your rates to the database, for each editable template.


How can I pay for my Licence fee and subscribtion plan?

You can pay the Licence fee and the Subscribtion fee with your Credit Card or Wire Transfer.

Can I test the editor?

Of course! Please check “Demo” page and see the editor for yourself!

Got more questions?

Please feel free to get in touch with us any time!
We’re happy to hear from you and answer your upcoming questions!